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Question about renting

What is Airbnb?

The number one choice of website for anyone who wants to rent their space (from a single room in a house to a whole building) for a short period of time and at the same time, for someone to find a place to stay in the whole world. Of course, there are similar platforms but Airbnb holds over 90% of the worldwide market.

Why should I rent my property through this or any other similar sites?

Because there have always been more than 900,000 spaces in 190 countries which are rented through this site and over 50% of the bookings are held in Europe.

Because there is a rapid increase in tourism industry year by year. Moreover, it is an easy and simple way to earn a salary from your house or even increase it.

What can I rent? I own an apartment, a block of flats, a garage, a room, a yard etc.?

Apartments and house are the most frequently searched. On the other hand, there is a number of travelers who only rents a single room but this is always a bit more complicated. All of the spaces must be fully furnished, and of course the more functional, cozy and convenient they are, the more possible it is for you to find a great number of interested renters.

How much money will I earn?

That depends on the space and the reservations that have been made. For instance, a house may have an output of 2-2,500€ or even more than 10,000€ in a year. Our goal in RaiseHouservices is to maximize the output of a property.

What do I need to do?

At first, all you have to do is to fill in the especial form and send as many photographs as you have, from the space you want to rent to RaiseHouservices.

In return, we will carry out a valuation and afterwards you will receive our suggestion about the probable profits your property may return, as well as, useful advice about your place and possible changes you may need to make.

As soon as you reach an agreement with RaiseHouservices, the only thing that is followed is the money you will start to earn from your property.

What will RaiseHouservices do for me?

RaiseHouservices takes on the complete construction and management of your place’s listing in Airbnb and similar platforms, communication and negotiations with potential renters, warm reception assistance to your guests, specialized and trained quide to every renter, as well as constant supervision of the proper function of your property listing for a percentage returned by it.

Furthermore, RaiseHouservices takes over the whole clean-up before and after the guests’ stay with extra payment which is usually charged, partially or completely on the tenants.

What is more, the company can assume even more provision such as professional photography of your place, linen changing and replacement of the space.

Finally, we have the potential to sublease your space and, after reaching an agreement with you, to completely renovate it so that it can be returned to you partially or completely renovated after the expiration of our contract.

I own more than one property. Can you rent them all?

Absolutely yes. Just let us know the number of spaces you desire to assume so that we can tell you if we can provide you with special accounts.

Are there any specific requirements that a house should cover in order for RaiseHouservices to take it on?

RaiseHouservices can assume any space you want to take advantage of. For a start, we can assume properties located in Attica, Thessaloniki, Kefalonia as well as all over Cyprus.

How will I get paid?

It depends on the agreement we have reached as well as the platform. in case of subtenancy, you will receive the rent money every first of each month.

In case of a simple management, and according to the policy of each platform, you get paid via the bank account given or via PayPal. Afterwards, and within two days, you transform the decided and settled commission to us.

Can you describe your charging policy?

RaiseHouservices does offer the best customer service possible to both owners and renters. It is vital that each guest experience a satisfactory stay which in turn, will lead to better reviews. And far as expendables charging is concerned, RaiseHouservices cooperates with the best companies in the trade and provides supplies in privileged prices.

What will happen if I have already had reservation when I decide to work with RaiseHouservices?

No problem at all. We can take them on as well and regularly manage them.

How can I maintain availability for personal use?

Easily, by using the online diary we keep, you can block the period when your space will not be available.

Can I express my personal opinion on the assigning charge of my space?

The thorough and detailed technology on pricing, in combination with the tools we use, have been proved to be exceptionally efficient in optimizing and guaranteeing the bets possible results for your space. However, if you wish to define a minimum price for your space, you have the potential to do it.

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