"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" (Saint Augustine)
About Us

The passion about travelling and exploring other civilizations, lands and cultures was the reason for the union of three young businessmen.

Not only the knowledge about such different civilizations but also the extreme desire of living unique experiences have eventually created TheRaiseProjects.

Although the idea has been existed for years, the development of a short-term smart rental model showed the way to the creation of a company which provide high-leveled management as well as property occupancy, with the view to not only maximizing the owner's or investors profit but satisfying even the most demanding visitors.

In TheRaiseProjects we enable the property owners and investors to maximize their income and, at the same time, we give the opportunity to the visitors to take advantage of our hospitality and enjoy their stay to the top feeling the coziness and carefreeness they are searching for.

Our main goal is to create passive incomes for the owners and investors, who give trust to us, and unique experiences to our visitors.

By choosing TheRaiseProjects , you assign the care and management of your property to experienced people, with enthusiasm, zeal and deep knowledge of the traveler's requirements. People with complete awareness of how to maximize your profits.

It is Time to Raise Your Standards with TheRaiseProjects!